Web 3.0: Opera Just Added Native Support for .Crypto .Eth and .Xyz Domains

Popular mobile web browser, Opera, which boasts over 350 million users globally, has once again stepped up its support for Web 3.0 applications, which extensively includes those built on blockchain technology.

While revealing several new features for the latest edition of its mobile browser, Opera announced it had added native support for Web 3.0 websites with .crypto domain names (Unstoppable domains) as well as .eth and .xyz (ENS: Ethereum Name System) using IPFS.

The new integration on Opera for Android means that users visiting such domains can now use Opera browser to do so, while at the same time more easily using managing such websites. It also marks the first time decentralized websites can be accessed in a major browser just like .com websites, and should pave the way for other popular browsers to enable such support.

In the case of Unstoppable Domains, which offers domain names on the blockchain that can be used to replace cryptocurrency addresses and as a domain for decentralized websites, the new integration with Opera also widens adoption.

To date, Unstoppable Domains has already sold more than 200,000 domains and is integrated into significant wallets such as Trust Wallet and MyEtherWallet.

Meanwhile, Opera also revealed in the same announcement, that its a mobile browser which already boasts an inbuilt crypto wallet and support for Tron dApps will be unlocking the ‘Crypto’ Buy feature to users in new regions.

The newly added regions that can instantly buy different cryptocurrencies via the Opera mobile browser includes Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Hong Kong, thus opening the crypto and blockchain industry to further adoption.

Resource: Coinfomania.com