Reasons to buy a .xyz domain

Popularity in Vertical market

• Artists & designers choose .xyz because it refers to the x, y, and z axes!

• Thousands of tech start-ups from around the world use .xyz domains.

• Thousands of small businesses from around the world choose .xyz!

• Many entrepreneurs prefer .xyz for their new start-ups & projects.

• Bloggers around the world use .xyz for their personal blogs

• Online stores often choose .xyz as their go-to domain ending

• Artists choose .xyz to showcase their projects & personal portfolios

• Gamers choose .xyz domains for their clans and game websites

• Crypto enthusiasts choose .xyz for their ICOs, exchanges, and other websites

• App developers choose .xyz for their app websites

• Companies around the world register for their website

• Real estate agents & property managers choose .xyz domains

• The fashion industry loves .xyz for fabulous, next generation websites

• Musicians and music fans choose .xyz domains for their websites



       XYZIT is a personal website showing high quality collections of .xyz domain names by the owner Jimmy Sun, giving the best and coolest choices of .xyz domains, in order to accompanies a huge potential of internet users in future this website will keep updating the new arrivals in time.

    1. Choosing .xyz domain

        Considered of worldwide using capability the .xyz is the best choice of developing a personal blog, business, online store, personal website, etc. I prefer to interpret the .xyz as X-everyone (Every sex), Y-Everytime (Every years), Z-Everywhere (Every Zone) since we are all living in a 3(+time) dimensions world, very flexible meanings for user's international purposes.


   2. Exclusive High Quality Domain Features and profiles

            A quality domain should have considered both before and after "dot" simultaneously, fairly easy to remember in combination, reasonable matching, commonly understood combination.

           Root meaning: based on the natural meaning of letters and words literally, To understand that precisely, not just consider about the obvious meaning as a word but literally letters all togethers, also conclude with timing, underlying meaning, cultures, image, geographical, etc in senses. 

          After Dot: 

             The letter X - has long acted as a symbol for something more meaningful, technology industries tend to use it. 

             XYZ - 3D axes, 3D dimensions. 

             X, Y, Z - Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z

             The most matching words that xyz tend to suit are those letters having sharp shape such as: A, E, F, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. unlike .com .co seemingly tend to match with round shape ones. in exception I think the vowels fit both sharp and round, A, E, I, O, U. (marked as light gray) and should consider both sides position as well.

          Before Dot:


          Without vowels, if I have to choose the top 7 I think that should be these letters: M, N, V, W, X, Y, Z. / the rest F, H, K, L, T. and even "contain" instead of "staring with" would be excellent: EVA.XYZ,  LAW.XYZ, MAX.XYZ, MAY.XYZ, BUZZ.XYZ

       *Not saying that other letters don't fit but these are extremely fit.


               Different timing comes out the different results, .com landed at the right time so does .xyz, at this "particular timing" the VR technology is about to big bang in nearly future, and it turns out that the most suitable letters of this techniques are V, X, A, M, R, indeed geographically the inherent advantages for .XYZ, it's the best position it stands in place to date.

           Other clues indicating words fitting .xyz as well as:

                 1. Due to .xyz has its based looking, even if it's not including sharp letters but potentially implying sharp meaning are as well counted as good matching, such as:,,,,, etc. ( The attributes of sharp shape can classifying to these areas (1) Fashion, (2) Techie, (3) Independent.) and Since the xyz metaphorically implying 3D it could be anything adjacent to universe, such as (4) mysteries, (5) space, (6) technologies, (7) imaginative, (8) designing, (9) sciences, etc.

            Virtual Reality Niche:

              If you look at my portfolio closely you will find that I am aiming mostly the virtual Reality niche, beside integrated reasons above there are more reasons I've considered:

              1. ETH announced its wallet will be mapped to .xyz, decentralized technology helps people to solve the trust issues in the world, that means people will be more independent in life during works, jobs, etc. ( The (2)(3) matched )

              2. Crypto assets storage- .xyz is first adopted by ETH ENS using for wallet address utilities.((2) matched)

              3. It looks cool.((1) matched)

              4. VR, the .xyz is very neat for its niche because xyz stands for 3D dimensions, the most important element in viewport the animation designers familiar with.

              5. VR + Coins/Tokens- virtual reality, look back to past few years the crypto currency industries had been through a tough times, and mostly it used for many applications related to gamble and frauds, it's easy to imagine because the first problem that blockchain technology tend to resolve is the trust issue, as of today the reason that this particular technology hasn't been generalized globally because there yet has the killer applications or products coming out, people can still wire money without causing many troubles compare to the perplexing unfriendly crypto currencies, so I would boldly predict that one of killer apps/products must be "virtual reality" plus "crypto currencies", think of that although the blockchain has an irreversible feature that doesn't really help out enough for the traditional off-line business, let's say if a furniture company sold a client office chairs but the client think that the painting color isn't painted right, how can a irreversible technology judge which side claiming is right, it can only prove they had made a deal for both of them, in that case it's not much difference between paper contracts and smart contracts. So it is obvious the blockchain technology more tend to aim online/digit assets, on the other hand, besides Decentralized Financials, the crypto currency binding with virtual reality is the only thing I would count it the "real" Virtual Reality, without real money involved VR I prefer to call it "Virtual Gaming", definitely it is a huge market potential in the future.

   3. Crypto domains- Ethereum's Announcement that ETH Wallets Will be Mapped to .XYZ Domains.

          How is it a crypto domain? The ordinary ICANN domains their mainly two functions are 1. IP addresses replaced by domain names making easier to remember, 2. Email related utilities, addresses, servers etc. m... that's it, all other functions basically are revolve around the email functions. A crypto domain such as .xyz actually can do much more than that, you can store any private or public assets you can imagine, such like address, phone number, even your home address, whatever you want to store your properties as a digital way, as long as developers are willing to build those functions under ETH program, no doubt that has a very big potential in the future, if people are not very clear or are having some trust issue with how a native crypto domain name such as .crypto, .eth being regulated by some sort of decentralized communities, the best choice is .xyz (it can use for both centralized and decentralized) under ICANN authority since they have many sophisticate experiences and regulations.

   4. 3D Printing

          3D printing is one of next upcoming big industry, the technique is progressing rapidly within next 10 years.



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