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Since Google chose ABC.XYZ as parent company website. .xyz opened a new chapter for internet users become the most innovative and powerful domain extension. it contains the meaning of 3D. new generations. animation. etc.. coincidently at this critical time the revolutionary virtual reality is coming. all the things that you can imagine will be virtualized. the second stage of internet real estate thriving is about to coming and the number of Internet users will be explosive growth. as of today 2020 the online internet users reached 4.5 billion. in 2030 will approximately reach to 8 billion and each individual has 1-3 personal/independent sites on average.

The baby boom in the 1940s led to real estate boom in last three decades. same analogy. the effects of the Internet boom in the past three decades will affect domain names flourish over the next 50 years. especially in the prospects of virtual reality technology and 3D printing innovation. Dot xyz. as a young generation’s hobby. will usher in a new era. Dot com has brought us nearly 30 years of internet genesis. it's grateful for it brought the development of the Internet and browsers.

XYZ. the last of the 26 letters of the alphabet. meant to be the suffix for the web address. It is more modern and technological. and fits well as a representative of the emerging trend of futurism.

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the major technological innovations of our times. Initially seen as a technology suited for games and entertainment, VR today is being used in various applications. Businesses from different domains are today using VR for multiple applications. If you are running a business, you can also make use of VR to add value to your business operations.

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